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Gin sloughCopperdog10-25-13  04:31 am
Crappie fishingDan03-27-13  07:22 am
Crappie reportDan02-25-13  10:57 am
FFTT at lake MartinCrawdaddy07-16-12  09:01 am
Why does nobody post anything about this lake?Catch106-21-12  07:40 am
Handley High School Fishing ClubHeadr115809-18-11  05:17 pm
Club TournamentFishn_is_life02-09-11  07:27 am
1/22/11Woody01-27-11  06:58 pm
Troup County Bass Anglers Tournament at MartinCatch112-15-10  09:20 pm
Report from 12/3Big_erk12-08-10  06:54 am
Martin Info!Frannie_c10-07-10  03:39 pm
Report from 4/15Laner15 05-19-10  09:16 pm
Report from 3/13/10Rev04-15-10  12:34 pm
Bremen Marine Trail fishing tournaments 2010Skeeter_tzx02-04-10  01:33 pm
I need a propBig_erk07-12-09  01:10 pm
Striper Fishing Ricka11-25-10  01:14 pm
Bremen Bass Anglers Tournament ResultsWildbill03-01-09  06:47 pm
Water TempRimshot02-22-09  08:32 pm
Stripers/Hy.Wolverine02-13-09  08:33 am
Reports?Wolverine02-13-09  08:34 am
How to fish any tips?Jjhutchbass01-27-09  07:48 am
Lake Martin Tournaments Wolverine12-30-08  03:42 pm
Lake Martin 12-26-08T_rig12-28-08  10:50 am
Lake martin 12-14-08Wolverine12-30-08  03:46 pm
Spotted Bass Tournament! C_brackett12-09-08  09:11 pm
Prayer Request.Geewhiz4511-03-08  07:36 pm
Alabama bass?Ricka07-07-09  10:57 am
Fishing Report 9/23/08Wpbassman109-24-08  10:30 am
Jug FishingRev07-29-08  02:22 pm
Crappie fishinDiemakerbc03-12-08  05:55 am
2-25-06T_rig02-26-08  02:44 pm
TestSpotkilla02-19-08  09:26 pm
Directbaits.comDirectbaits03-06-08  10:31 am
Fished Logan Feb 2Jmac02-02-08  08:10 pm
TournamentWbrooks8301-16-08  05:57 am
Lake Martin 1/6/08Spotkilla01-08-08  11:34 am
Fishing report 12-29-2007Spotkilla12-29-07  09:51 pm
Boat rampsSpotkilla12-23-07  04:45 pm
Fishing report 12-22-07Bassaholic12-26-07  02:07 pm
Recap of 2007 Gar SeasonGargrabber11-25-07  07:56 pm
Water levelBig_erk10-12-07  02:55 pm
Gold City BassmastersFishga02-25-07  07:54 pm
Lake Martin 2-21T_rig02-21-07  10:48 pm
Lake Martin 2-19T_rig02-20-07  10:40 am
Lake Level Alert WebsiteLakelevelalert02-07-07  07:37 am
What are they doingOutdrlover02-04-07  03:03 pm
Lake Martin 1-19-07T_rig01-20-07  05:05 pm
Lake Martin 12-18T_rig12-19-06  09:53 am
Troup County Club Tournament .Outdrlover12-03-06  06:03 am
Saturday tripGary_s12-02-06  06:59 pm
Need some infoOutdrlover11-06-06  11:44 am
Report for Sat 10/28Luvtohunt10-30-06  08:58 am
Report for 10/3/06Big_erk10-04-06  05:50 am
Fishing HelpJt07-26-06  03:18 pm
Lake Martin 5-7-06T_rig05-09-06  10:05 am
March of Dimes tournament at Lake Martin tomorrowWaterdawg03-14-06  11:14 pm
Fishin report 2-28Topwalker02-28-06  02:56 pm
Lake Martin Report 5-7-05T_rig05-10-05  10:32 pm
Lake Martin Report 3/23/05- 3/25/05Woody03-28-05  05:18 pm
Lake Martin Report 3/18/05Mrearl03-22-05  08:39 pm
Special Request... Looking for Lodging (Cabin, Condo, etc.)Mike01-25-05  06:17 pm
Martin Report 12/04/04Big_erk12-06-04  09:08 am
Martin Report 11/27/04Big_erk12-01-04  12:33 am
Martin Report 11/17/04Big_erk11-18-04  12:21 pm
Be at martin this weekend.Woody05-28-04  10:09 pm
How'd it go guys?Big_heard05-17-04  06:11 pm
Thunderstorms 4/7Fishinrandy04-08-04  08:39 am
Martin 4/6Dano04-07-04  07:59 am
Big erkDano04-05-04  10:17 pm
Need OutboardBig_erk03-29-04  11:29 pm
Man this Board is Quiet!Big_erk03-31-04  03:57 pm
PicsDano03-15-04  10:00 am
Childrens Miracle Network event.Dano03-15-04  07:33 am
Martin gaint!!Woody03-12-04  08:17 pm
Fishin report for 2/20-21Fishga02-26-04  10:36 pm
Yo Dano!!!!Dano02-23-04  09:49 am
Martin reportDano02-13-04  06:13 pm
FISHERS OF MEN TOURNEYDano02-13-04  06:03 pm
Lake jordan Dano02-08-04  07:02 pm
Lake Level Link Functioning AgainDano02-08-04  06:59 pm
Fishing a little slowDano02-02-04  11:21 am
Jordan damDano01-18-04  09:12 am
These fish are coldDano12-30-03  09:35 am
MY SLUMP HAS BEEN BROKENBassreeper11-17-03  11:26 am
Martin is kickin into gear again!!Dano10-30-03  09:18 pm
State fed tourneyDano10-15-03  07:49 am
If you want to see what happend to the fishJim10-15-03  01:48 pm
TRI-RIVERS BASSMASTERS TOURNEY 11\1\03Jim10-15-03  01:47 pm
Martin report 10/13Dano10-13-03  08:08 pm
Martin Report Oct 12thJim10-15-03  01:37 pm
Toys for tots type idea????Jim10 10-12-03  11:12 pm
OUR NEXT FWT!!!?Dano11 10-10-03  05:36 pm
Martin on MartinCrunkbait10-03-03  07:05 am
New ThreadDano09-21-03  03:45 pm
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