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9/23/17 FFTT at West PointCoach09-28-17  02:16 pm
Forum Boost?Catch103-19-17  06:32 pm
Westpointfishing.comCatch105-02-16  08:51 pm
Open seat. 4/23Dawgfaninbama04-20-16  10:26 pm
Crappie fishing Sat NiteFatdaddy04-05-16  11:26 am
Just a heads upOutdrlover03-24-16  06:00 pm
FFTT at West Point 3/12/16Jmac03-13-16  07:44 pm
Fished Sat 2/20Catch103-09-16  07:49 am
Crazy winter weatherYardy02-20-16  08:18 pm
Fall TransitionYardy12-03-15  10:44 am
Late Summer Night CrappieYardy08-20-15  07:05 pm
New all aroundYardy17 08-31-15  08:46 am
FFTT at West Point 5/23/15Jmac05-24-15  11:56 pm
Saturday Night Lights!!Fatdaddy05-05-15  07:13 am
Saturday Night Lights!!Khiggs04-13-15  12:40 pm
Saturday Night CrappieFatdaddy04-06-15  09:22 am
Camping next week. What's happening on the Point?Lakota03-26-15  12:07 pm
CrankensteinSkeeterbass6603-12-17  02:15 pm
Fishing Report with Pictures!!!! 1-18-2015Skeeterbass6602-25-15  10:51 pm
Rode with long time West Point Guide James JordanHiteckredneck01-17-15  12:23 am
Electronics for saleChamp212-21-14  10:37 pm
Fishing Reports Champ210-29-14  06:13 pm
Gizzard ShadSkeeterbass6610-25-14  07:26 am
FISHED OCT 18 - 19Kovdfish10-25-14  06:19 am
WHITE FISHDwpate10-20-14  03:03 pm
Report with pictures 8/18/2014Dwpate08-25-14  09:07 am
Question about WP Crappie fishingSkeeterbass6608-12-14  12:12 am
Thursday Night CrappieLakota08-07-14  11:26 am
West Point Redneck Yacht CLubFatdaddy07-08-14  01:13 pm
Talked to Highland Marine Guide James JordanHiteckredneck07-13-14  10:45 pm
Larry ColburnJavelinjoe06-18-14  02:44 pm
Anybody fish Sunday June 15?Fatdaddy06-16-14  06:04 pm
Water Condition Info?Hiteckredneck06-08-14  12:05 am
FFTT Results for 5-17-14Coach05-18-14  01:51 pm
Report for Tuesday April 22ndDoubleb04-24-14  07:31 am
Report on April 15th with picturesLivinforfishin04-17-14  09:29 am
Fishing report West point sat-sundaySkeeterbass6604-14-14  10:32 am
CrappieCatcher04-13-14  09:38 pm
Sat Nite LightsFatdaddy03-30-14  07:40 am
Report for 3/27/2014 with picsSkeeterbass6604-02-14  07:47 pm
Fundraising Tournament on Wedowee, April 5Mike03-20-14  10:07 am
Report with pictures 3/18/14Catch103-21-14  08:31 pm
River white bass 3-9-14Hiteckredneck03-10-14  10:56 pm
Main lake stripers 3-8-14Hiteckredneck03-10-14  10:51 pm
Another big bag of largemouthsCatch103-05-14  07:43 pm
Report with picturesOilcan02-28-14  06:01 pm
Saw Guide James Jordan at HighlandHiteckredneck02-22-14  08:35 pm
Hooch Crappie 2-9-14Fisherman02-12-14  11:01 am
DWPATEHiteckredneck01-24-14  11:58 pm
Muddy River Bass ClubJudge02-23-14  10:26 am
Fishing west point todaySkeeterbass6612-29-13  08:07 pm
Come join. Coach12-19-13  03:44 pm
West Point GON reportHiteckredneck11-30-13  11:57 pm
Anyone Fished the point lately? anyone planning a trip?Dwpate12-02-13  11:52 am
Fall fishing report with picturesFisherman11-04-13  06:45 pm
10-20-13Skeeterbass6610-21-13  10:08 pm
Lake turning over?Catcher10-11-13  09:07 pm
Fishing report with picturesSkeeterbass6610-10-13  03:52 pm
Lynn Garret Benefit Fishing Tournament Oct. 13Gotfive10-03-13  06:00 pm
Fishing the grassSkeeterbass6609-03-13  09:31 am
Saw James Jordan catching Stripers & Hybrid today!!! Hiteckredneck08-31-13  01:36 pm
Fishing report 8/17Skeeterbass6608-26-13  10:21 pm
Fishing reportSkeeterbass6608-05-13  04:33 pm
Looking for a repair shopSkeeterbass6607-14-13  11:33 am
Pics from 6/15/13Shawno198006-15-13  07:46 pm
Hitting lake in morning!Shawno198006-15-13  07:52 pm
What Have you lost on the Lake?Skeeterbass6607-14-13  12:10 pm
Report with picturesShawno198006-14-13  03:59 pm
My 1989 Sylvan Pontoon RebuildTurkeycreek05-13-13  05:30 pm
West Point Mainlake Stripers/Hybrids 5/7/13 (Few Pics) Joehughes196505-14-13  12:06 pm
Chain Pickerel On West Point (Picture)Kovdfish05-18-13  09:13 pm
Anyone planning to watch the guys this weekend?Hiteckredneck05-06-13  08:58 pm
Big Stripe....thumbs up from KVDSkeeterbass6605-01-13  11:01 pm
Is the River Run over?Turkeycreek04-29-13  01:11 pm
They're on their way!Wildbill04-23-13  07:14 pm
Fished 4/20Dawgfaninbama05-23-13  07:13 am
River to main lake salvage trip!!! 4-13-13Skeeterbass6604-17-13  11:16 pm
Can't believe it!!Skeeterbass6604-17-13  11:19 pm
Fished 04-10-13Dwpate04-12-13  07:22 am
Sat Night CrappieFatdaddy04-17-13  07:53 am
Fishing the point.Fisherman04-07-13  06:40 pm
Good Guy looking for fish near Brush CreekHiteckredneck04-03-13  08:48 pm
Spawn started todayJmac04-03-13  09:14 am
More river hybrids 3-30 through 4-1Dwpate04-02-13  07:50 pm
Bowfisher in search of carp or gar.Dwpate04-01-13  05:30 pm
Since no ones's postingSkeeterbass6604-01-13  12:21 am
Lineside run updateJtc106204-01-13  10:38 am
Water statsFatdaddy03-11-13  06:53 pm
Headed to the Point today!Skeeterbass6603-12-13  09:52 pm
Ok I chickened out but I know you guys wentCrawdaddy03-08-13  06:31 pm
Where can an Old Man catch crappie on jigs now at WP?Fatdaddy03-09-13  11:45 am
3-1-13Slammy03-01-13  08:23 pm
Wow....lakes up 4 'Skeeterbass6603-03-13  11:43 pm
Anyone been to the point lately?Skeeterbass6612 02-24-13  10:23 pm
This is why all FAST BOATS need DUAL STEERINGSkeeterbass6602-15-13  11:38 pm
Good FridaySkeeterbass6602-06-13  10:26 pm
Cold, Windy day on the PointCatch101-30-13  06:55 pm
First 2013 Report with pictureLipsnatcher01-16-13  11:16 pm
Updated Striper ReportCaesarsfish01-22-13  08:30 pm
Striper ReportTurkeycreek01-08-13  11:38 am
Good NEWS... THANKS!!!Skeeterbass6601-03-13  06:10 pm
Trip Report 12-19-20121love12-22-12  06:24 pm
Major threat to West Point... need HELP!!!!Turkeycreek37 01-08-13  11:35 am
Highland RampBassbuster230612-18-12  06:02 pm
Report for 12/7/12Joehughes196512-23-12  07:13 pm
Ramps?Skeeterbass6611 12-06-12  10:15 pm
Call me Outdrlover12-02-12  03:55 pm
Open seatLipsnatcher11-20-12  04:22 pm
Water level Cprestridge11-27-12  12:45 am
Striper bite is getting good! (pic heavy)Skeeterbass6611-18-12  12:50 am
11-5-2012 Trip reportBassbuster230611-06-12  12:16 am
Super Striper TourLinesideslayer11-06-12  06:51 am
Georgia State ChampionshipDwpate11-05-12  08:59 pm
10-25-2012 Trip ReportBassbuster230611-01-12  11:04 am
Will's Way charity tournament 10.27.12Mrearl10-25-12  07:26 am
New MemberDoedee01-19-13  07:17 pm
Some nice greenfishBassbuster230610-26-12  09:48 am
Benefit TournamentLipsnatcher10-08-12  09:05 am
10-3-2012 trip reportFisherman10-04-12  04:10 pm
New MemberBassbuster230611 10-02-12  09:37 pm
9/15 weekend reportLakota09-17-12  11:27 am
9-11-12 UP THE RIVERLakota09-13-12  03:53 pm
Tournament mortalityFisherman09-04-12  05:11 pm
Will's Way Charity Tournament Coming Oct. 27...Mrearl08-22-12  10:40 am
Bassmaster'sSkeeterbass6608-29-12  03:38 pm
Tournament on September 8 2012Gambler9508-28-12  04:51 pm
West Point is so disappointing Slammy08-22-12  05:57 pm
Quantum EXO 100 PT Casting Reels Lipsnatcher08-08-12  02:41 pm
G-Loomis NRX Rod for saleLipsnatcher08-08-12  02:42 pm
Open tournament this weekendLivinforfishin07-17-12  05:10 pm
I need a tournament partnerShakyhead06-27-12  12:49 pm
Fun fishing tournamentLivinforfishin06-28-12  06:46 pm
Father's DayTurkeycreek06-28-12  06:58 pm
Fishin up the riverCatcher06-20-12  04:22 pm
Weekend Report..largemouths and stripesTurkeycreek06-21-12  05:06 pm
Skeet Reese rodsSkeeterbass6606-12-12  09:55 pm
BluebacksCprestridge05-28-12  06:52 pm
Sunday Stripers 5-20-12Turkeycreek05-20-12  10:13 pm
Could use a few tips pleaseCprestridge05-18-12  03:07 pm
Biggest one in a long timeTurkeycreek05-17-12  06:48 am
Biggest CrappieTurkeycreek05-17-12  06:50 am
4/5 & 4/61love05-08-12  10:01 am
Sunday Striperfest!Spookious05-03-12  07:20 pm
Felt like summertime!Spookious05-03-12  07:19 pm
Tough day on the pondCatcher04-29-12  09:29 pm
Boat Tralier Possibly StolenSkeeterbass6605-02-12  09:30 pm
Southwire tournamentCatcher04-29-12  05:16 pm
This is why I do not fish at night1love04-28-12  10:38 am
Shoals reportJtc106205-01-12  04:07 pm
Shad spawnLinesideslayer04-19-12  07:42 am
Fishin mannersLinesideslayer33 04-19-12  07:45 am
Friday NIght Crappie!!Fatdaddy04-08-12  08:03 am
Post spawn fishLipsnatcher04-07-12  07:37 am
Tuesdays reportBamabilly9403-29-12  04:12 pm
Open seat.Lipsnatcher03-26-12  09:55 pm
Late report with picturesJmac03-29-12  08:04 am
First time userCatch103-23-12  07:58 pm
Fished 3-22-12Hiteckredneck03-22-12  10:58 pm
Fished 3-19-12Hiteckredneck03-21-12  08:46 pm
Post spawn already?Outdrlover03-19-12  09:08 pm
More main lake stripersLinesideslayer03-20-12  08:13 am
Childrens Miracle Network TourneyRev03-18-12  07:45 pm
SunglassesLipsnatcher03-18-12  05:43 pm
TransducersSkeeter03-17-12  06:45 pm
Fished 3-15-12Crawdaddy03-18-12  09:04 pm
Fishing Maple Creek with familyLipsnatcher03-14-12  01:46 pm
Creek StripersDwpate03-12-12  09:28 pm
Fished 3-10-12Hiteckredneck03-11-12  09:22 pm
Going crappie fishing tonightSmokeyjoe03-11-12  05:41 pm
Fish findersCprestridge03-11-12  10:52 pm
River Cats!Skeeter03-11-12  08:45 am
2/28/2012 river striperDwpate03-12-12  09:28 pm
Hooch white bass and a nice striper 2-26-12...Linesideslayer02-29-12  06:41 pm
Finally back on the webThe_great_white02-05-12  04:24 pm
WaterRwill9902-02-12  05:52 am
Fishin the PointKhiggs02-08-12  07:24 am
Hey guysBig_erk01-25-12  07:23 pm
Open seatMrearl01-17-12  03:07 pm
Open seatLipsnatcher01-16-12  08:11 pm
Fishing partnerRwill9901-11-12  06:21 pm
West Ga New Schedule for 2012Jig01-02-12  06:06 pm
Fished 12/31/11Skeeter01-08-12  12:39 pm
Fished todayBamabilly9412-31-11  12:00 pm
Hooray!!Shawno198001-06-12  10:30 am
Were BackCrawdaddy13 11-23-11  01:17 pm
Is that an echoe?Big_erk11-18-11  08:35 am
2011 GA ClassicBigworm11-08-11  07:48 pm
WP 10/20340ranger10-24-11  02:31 pm
Big news!!!!Big_erk10-10-11  11:00 pm
Troup County Bass Anglers New ScheduleBig_erk10-03-11  09:50 pm
20 pounder caught at West Point!!!Skeeter13 11-20-11  10:24 am
1981 West Point 6 1/2 lb BassEnstruct10-09-11  07:27 pm
Handley High School Fishing ClubHeadr115810-09-11  09:29 am
Anybody fishing340ranger09-19-11  01:29 pm
Waterfall?Fatdaddy08-30-11  07:26 am
You guys are killing me 340ranger09-06-11  10:35 am
Tuesday eve. tournyPreacher08-03-11  03:21 pm
Summer stripersFatdaddy07-27-11  09:03 pm
My Marshal experience....I know it's late!!!!Spookious11 07-29-11  11:18 am
Sun, July 3 reportWoody07-13-11  04:32 pm
Two at a timeSkeeter07-09-11  08:47 am
Friday Night Lights!!!!Skeeter11 07-10-11  06:39 pm
Lost rod and reelCopperdog09-23-11  07:21 pm
Fished Solo mondayWoody07-01-11  05:19 pm
Report from SundayWoody06-29-11  04:57 pm
Saturday Night Slabs!!!Fatdaddy06-28-11  02:08 pm
Fishing report with picsCatch106-26-11  08:39 am
Empty SeatSpookious06-22-11  08:28 pm
The fish are on the movePtcfish06-16-11  11:54 am
Shopping for a fishing buddyPtcfish06-13-11  08:36 am
Friday Night Fishing!!Fatdaddy06-14-11  09:03 am
Flipping and pitching Lipsnatcher06-08-11  07:56 am
The night time bridge report!Woody06-07-11  08:10 pm
Best bridge to night time crappie fish?Woody06-02-11  07:06 pm
A great holiday!Rev06-01-11  04:34 am
Anybody going to the lake monday?Lipsnatcher05-29-11  01:04 pm
Today's LM 5.26.11Linesideslayer11 06-01-11  07:17 am
Testing 123Woody05-26-11  06:03 pm
Scouting for a Guide Trip on TuesdayGargrabber05-24-11  06:24 am
Upriver stripes 5-21-11Linesideslayer05-24-11  02:42 pm
Canoe fishin on The PointWoody05-22-11  05:09 pm
I heard.......1love05-20-11  04:48 pm
Awesome day at the point with picsLipsnatcher05-17-11  08:23 pm
Georgia Outdoors Radio on The Bear 92.5 FMWoody05-15-11  08:41 am
West Point Lake Gar Fishing - 18lbs-11oz 55 Incher TodaySkeeter05-15-11  08:17 am
Pro's turn into linesides w/ Lips, Daddy Lips and FishLinesideslayer14 05-17-11  01:20 pm
Photos from Elite Tournament FridaySkeeter10 05-10-11  07:53 pm
Pics from Friday's weigh-inOutdrlover05-06-11  08:02 pm
Tommy Biffle zeroed today on West PointAcc04198305-09-11  09:40 am
BASSCam live for WPSpookious05-05-11  09:31 pm
Elite Tournament1love05-09-11  07:37 am
Striper fishin around the pros!!Linesideslayer05-17-11  01:18 pm
Son lost a good one on WP this weekend (video)Woody10 05-03-11  07:22 pm
Lake condition?Shoalietwo04-29-11  09:31 pm
Here comes the PRO'SSpookious20 05-04-11  09:45 pm
Pancakes, Picnic, and some time on the water with familyJavelinjoe14 04-26-11  08:55 pm
Franklin Linesides 4-23-2011Dwpate04-24-11  06:02 pm
Frankilin 4-16/4-17Woody04-19-11  04:25 pm
April 14th reportPorkypig10 04-16-11  10:04 am
New MemberFisherofmen14 04-27-11  07:01 am
Hooch 4-10-11Bt9004-15-11  09:43 pm
Franklin Linesides 4-9/4-10-2011Spookious04-11-11  08:52 pm
Rodbenders 6th Annual Homecoming Tournament1love04-10-11  07:12 pm
Short and sweet day on the pointLipsnatcher04-10-11  01:28 pm
Sunday fishingDoedee04-08-11  05:16 pm
Where's the FFTT results?.....Oilcan11 04-06-11  07:24 am
Fished FridayWoody04-04-11  07:00 pm
FFTT Out Of Yellow Jacket This WeekendWoody04-01-11  04:53 pm
River hybrids 3-26-2011Fatdaddy03-28-11  05:47 pm
Short day on the pointSkeeter03-24-11  08:05 pm
CrappieWoody03-23-11  03:38 pm
Upriver 3-18/3-20-2011Woody03-21-11  04:14 pm
Sunday 03-20Spookious03-21-11  07:57 pm
Up River reports?Turkeycreek03-20-11  10:20 am
Saturday1love03-22-11  12:47 am
Crappie Spookious03-19-11  09:32 pm
New MemberLaner03-18-11  01:25 pm
Weekend fishingDgnitro03-16-11  08:00 am
The point on mondayWoody03-09-11  05:40 pm
Highland TourneySpookious03-05-11  07:40 pm
Fishing report 3/2/2011Skeeter12 03-08-11  07:01 pm
More river stripesFatdaddy10 03-02-11  04:37 pm
What is this fish?Woody17 03-01-11  05:38 pm
2-27-11 fishing reportSpookious03-01-11  02:44 pm
Sunday reportLivinforfishin02-27-11  06:58 pm
Hospice benefit tournyJmac02-27-11  06:22 pm
2-25-11 fishingKnotworking02-26-11  06:42 am
Nice river stripesSpookious03-01-11  02:42 pm
Monday 21 FebruaryDgnitro13 02-24-11  03:42 pm
White bass upriver 2-19/2-20Catch115 02-26-11  07:22 am
Sunday reportSpookious02-23-11  12:07 pm
2/20/2011Spookious02-23-11  12:03 pm
New MemberKnotworking02-21-11  09:37 am
Feb 19, 2011Catch102-19-11  06:32 pm
Trophy striper!!!Spookious15 02-23-11  11:52 am
Blue CatsKnotworking02-17-11  06:43 am
Another new member Laner02-17-11  08:13 am
Where's the reports guys?Lakota02-16-11  03:56 pm
Shallow fish in janLinesideslayer02-01-11  08:10 am
West Ga. Bass Club Jig01-28-11  07:15 pm
First & last fishDoedee01-23-11  09:18 am
Pyne Park Mega RampLaner01-31-11  05:16 pm
Long time no see...Dgnitro01-14-11  01:41 pm
Making honey holes!!Big_erk01-13-11  05:44 pm
Bassmaster Elite Marshall programDennismac24 02-07-11  05:34 pm
Big Pre-snow Striper.Dwpate01-12-11  08:42 pm
Sorry Mike but everyone needed to see thisLaner01-11-11  09:15 am
Striper fishing has been goodLinesideslayer01-06-11  10:04 am
Elite Marshal Program1love04-24-11  12:04 pm
The point on Dec 31Crankbait01-02-11  03:16 pm
Did the fish move out?Tritontony01-02-11  09:18 pm
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